About Us

The Farm

Our Mission

We began handcrafting cheese in October of 2011. Three years in the making, we set out with a simple mission: turn high quality single-origin goat milk into delicious cheese. The creamery resides on the farm adjacent to the dairy in Molalla, OR, which allows us to source the freshest possible milk for our cheeses. The beloved goats freely roam in the pasture just outside the creamery window, best view ever! By focusing on creating smooth, fresh chèvre in a variety of unique flavors, we hope to make goat cheese appealing to all.

The Cheesemaker

Meet The Founder

Self proclaimed travel enthusiast and culinary adventurer Liz Alvis began Portland Creamery after being inspired by her mother, Jean Mackenzie of Mackenzie Creamery in Hiram, Ohio. Liz moved to Portland in 2000, she quickly discovered the wine industry where she found her path for the next seven years. With such strong similarities between the wine and cheese worlds, it was a natural transition. Liz brought her dream of a small-batch artisan creamery to reality after three years planning from afar while living abroad in Peru and Indonesia with her husband Dr. Andrew Alvis (of Alvis Chiropractic.) Carrying on the family tradition, Liz hopes to create delicious cheese that will inspire others to support local and healthy eating.

Our Goats

Meet the Goats

Portland Creamery sources milk from an exceptional private herd of dairy goats comprised of three breeds: Saanen, Alpine, and LaMancha.  The herd was started in 1962 and has been managed by a single family throughout its existence.  The goats have been awarded numerous titles including 4 National Champions, as well as National Premier Breeder and Performance awards.  The herd management carefully maintains the goats on the best quality feed and pasture and focuses on breeding incredibly healthy goats, which produce the highest quality milk.

Portland Creamery Goat Cheese

About Our Cheese

Our focus is creating delicious fresh chèvre. Goats’ milk cheeses are a healthy alternative to the more ubiquitous cows milk cheeses. We make our cheese right on the farm, which allows us to use the freshest possible ingredients. By creating unique and interesting flavor profiles we strive to share goat cheese with many in our community who may be unfamiliar with the product. Our cheeses have been honored with national awards from the American Dairy Goat Association. As our company ages and develops, we hope to do the same with our cheese. Look for aged Portland Creamery cheeses in the future!


  • Oregon Chèvre
  • Herbes de Provence
  • Sweet Fire
  • Seasonal Flavors
  • Feta
  • Cajeta


 American Dairy Goat Association 2011
1st place: Herbes de Provence, 2nd place: Pumpkin Stout, 3rd place: Oregon Chevre

 American Dairy Goat Association 2012
1st place: Tarragon Mustard, 2nd place: Pumpkin Stout, 3rd place: Oregon Chevre