Live. Love. Chèvre.


Portland Creamery believes in producing simple, excellent, handcrafted goat cheese for our friends in the Pacific Northwest.  Founded in 2011, Portland Creamery prioritizes ethics and community in every decision we make.  We are lucky enough to transform the best quality milk money can buy, supplied by beautiful goats from the picturesque Willamette Valley, into the creamiest, purest, deliciousest product on the market.  

Gentle handling of the milk ensures that each batch tastes clean and without any unwanted “goaty” flavors.  This means that it works equally well to lighten up your favorite dinner and on a fancy cheese board.  Goat cheese is delicious, and Portland Creamery is simply the best.  

We’re excited to work together to create the ethical and sustainable food systems of the future!

  • We Need Your Help!

    As our valued customer, we need your help to determine how to keep our business running sustainably. Attrition is a big problem in the goat cheese world, and we would like to change that. By offering a couple minutes of your time you could help design a business model which ensures small local agriculture can continue to thrive so we can continue bringing the best, most delicious, local, and ethical products to your table.