Posted April 13, 2020

Spring is my absolute favorite time of year. After huddling through long and rainy Pacific Northwest Winters, we are gifted with Spring. Thanks to those Winters wildflowers are abundant, the air is crisp but warm. The grass is high, full of nutrients and flavors to be consumed by our goats. Spring is a time of renewal.

The dairy that supplies the milk for Portland Creamery has had a good kidding season this year. Now the goats are grazing on the nutrient dense grass and producing higher volumes of milk with the best flavor of the year. Terroir is a word used often in the artisan industry. “Taste-of-place” means that you cannot replicate this milk anywhere else. It’s unique to these Molalla hills and this blue-ribbon herd, and that means the world to us at Portland Creamery.

In this sensitive and globally challenging time, we are all enduring the Winters of our discontent, and Spring has not brought the renewal of freedom we long for. While we are coping and absorbing the constant changes, let us find joys in food. After all, our original comfort did not come from travel; it came from milk, and Oregon’s terroir produces some of the most flavorful milk in America.

So that was my Spring musing. Here is my call to action!

Cheese is a celebration of milk, and fresh goat cheese is a celebration of terroir and local pride. We hope you consider picking up our fresh chèvre and cajeta at our local grocer in the cheese case, visit us at the PSU Farmers Market (open now), and our other markets at Beaverton, Montavilla and Milwaukee, which will open in May.

The easiest way to spend your dollar is to email us an order for home delivery. Our menu of options is below. We appreciate everyone’s support for our local food system. Oregon has an incredible culture of creative producers, and an environmental landscape to produce the good food we all want to eat.

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From everyone at Portland Creamery, we thank you for your continued support. Be safe, be healthy. We’re in this together.


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